Monday, April 9, 2007

There goes the neighborhood . . .

The Downtown News, a wonderful rag for downtown residents, scooped that superstar soccer player, David Beckham, and his lovely wife, Posh Spice are possibly moving downtown. The Downtown News reports that the LA's newest superstar couple may be interested in the Biscuit Company Lofts. I guess its fitting that the Brits would want to live in a Biscuit Company Building -- Brits love biscuits.

You can read the whole story here: Beckham and Posh

The story sounded very suspect and could be mere propaganda by some developers to continue to boost the beauties of downtown LA.

This new boosterism must be working.
In recent days, I have spotted Rachel McAdams and Johnny Rotten around the hood. I also hear a lot of folks dropping Ryan Goslings name.

Our biggest name new neighbor is Jeff Sebelia -- the winner of the latest season of "Project Runway." I see him in our parking garage with his prize white Saturn. He was also featured in this week's downtown news. I love the ink on the neck. Stay tuned and happy Monday.


Anonymous said...

Does Rachel still have her pink streaks?

Kim Jong said...

Nope - I didn't see any streaks. All I saw was a full head of blonde hair.
Man, she is cute.
Kim Jong

Anonymous said...

Oh good, I'm so glad the streaks are gone! And I agree, she is beautiful. Thanks kim!

BTW, is this the same bodega owner Ryan worked for a few summers back?

"Two summers ago he worked in a local convenience store run by an Iranian who is now a friend.",,2015363,00.html