Monday, April 9, 2007

Historic District Restaurant: Blossom

426 S Main St

What is it?
Brought to you by the owners of Chinatown's Via Cafe, Blossom is a delightful, inexpensive fresh Vietnamese food served in a stylish, clean, airy space. The ingredients are fresh and the service is fast.

What to eat?
My favorite is the cold noodle salad with lemongrass steak & egg rolls (~$7). It's cold vermicelli noodles with cucumber, cilantro, grilled lemongrass marinated thin slices of steak topped with nuoc cham and chopped peanuts. The tofu fresh rolls are delicious and of course so is the Pho.

What not to order?
I don't love the crepes - they are a little heavy, but they're not bad.

Advice to the owner?
I believe the owner owns the property that sits adjacent to Blossom on the corner of Main & Winston. My advice, expand? Also the Blossom website doesn't seem to be working right now.


Raven said...

My favorite vegetarian place, and the BEST coffee in downtown.

Brianna said...

oh how the shaking beef (cubes of filet mignon with grilled with onions) invades my dreams. best food for the price in downtown!