Sunday, April 8, 2007

Burgers N Shit is Closed!

Downtown is changing fast. I have lived here for almost a year and half and in that time I have already seen our neighborhood grow and change in strange ways.

Perhaps the best example I have of downtown's transformation is the fact that "Burgers N Shit" on Main between 4th and Winston is closed (it looks like the Department of Health intervened). Thank Jesus!

From my place I could see the roof of the "Burgers N Shit." Huge rats!

The closing I think is symbolic of a downtown that is changing.

In the coming weeks and hopefully months, this blog will shed a light on downtown Los Angeles. We will try to document life in downtown los angeles by interviewing some of our own citizens, chronicling relevant news stories and events, and opining about our neighborhood's restaurants. We may also try to keep folks apprised of art happenings all over the neighborhood. I think I am highly unqualified for such writing, but I will do my best until we find someone more suited.

The impetus for this blog was an article in the LA Times. The title of the article was 'Has Downtown Finally Arrived?" At first I was excited by the coverage of more independent shops and bars and restaurants. It was also nice to open up the online newspaper version and see shots of Monica, the owner of Banuquette, and Foxxy the Old Bank DVD watchog. About two paragraphs into the article I became panic-stricken when I read that some of our local developers were courting the Outback Steakhouse chain to the downtown area. Oh my, I became very nervous. I got real nervous and started calling people. I called Jan Perry's office, I called others downtown, and I called my fiance and asked her to start this blog with me. I said I would chain myself to the building if there was to be an Outback Steakhouse grand opening in downtown. Although I may reconsider if they gave out free waffles and coffee like Arda's did last weekend.

I will do my best to keep this blog up to date and useful.

Holler at me if you have any ideas.

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