Sunday, April 8, 2007

Arts District Restaurant: R23

923 E. 2nd

What is it?
R23 is located in the arts district in a warehouse dock. It is low lit, hardwood floors, and is modern, stylish and comfortable. R23 is however, a little expensive so I only go there with people I really like.

What to eat?
First everything I've had at R23 with one exception has been delicious. My favorite item off the Chef's Special is the lobster tempura. I love lobster, I love tempura and it's the first time I've had them together. Marvelous. Their sushi is fresh and the kumomoto oysters are a good choice. So is the eggplant.

What not to order?
The exception? The grilled stuff duck. It just wasn't that good.

Advice for the owner?
I got nothing.

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