Friday, April 20, 2007

F TJ's

Recognizing this may be blasphemy to all the up-and-comers hoping downtown is the next Silver Lake, after reading the Downtown News historical perspective on Trader Joe's approach to downtown, I think we'll be better off without that arrogant, self-aggrandizing, Hawaiian-shirt-wearing, union-standard undermining, and apparently 'risk-averse' corporate overlord in our back yard.

Yeah, you read that right - thanks but no thanks Trader Jackass. According to this article, it took three years to shift your tone from "'You could give me free rent, build the store and I still wouldn't build Downtown,'" to finally tour the area and conclude, "At this time Downtown Los Angeles is not in our two-year plan," which, to some, appears to be a significant, hopeful improvement.

So in the absence of big corporate corner grocery store, lets now shift our hopes to folks who actually - presently - currently - care about our downtown, the small local grocers who are already here, the ones who are expanding, and the local organic produce distributors who could easily stock any shelf in the area!

Small shops, please expand; developers, include walkable, independent grocery space in your master-plans; and Trader Joe's, in the eternal words of Bikini Kill, Suck My Left One.


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Anonymous said...

I agree. I like to see independent business in downtown too. If we get all chains it will not be good.