Saturday, April 21, 2007

Downtowners for Hillary Clinton

The Presidential race is off to a fast start -- a very fast start.

I have been looking for a way to write about the Presidential race on this blog -- and I finally found it.

Hillary and Obama are in the lead for the Dems, while Mitt Romney is in way out in front of the Reeps.

Now records are becoming available for the March 31st reporting period for financial contributions to candidates, and you can search by zip code. I dialed in 90013 and surmised that Downtown, in large part, is voting for Hillary Clinton. I couldn't believe it either.
Well, that may be an overstatement.

Thus far residents of the 90013 zip code have only given $7,400 to Presidential candidates. So the fact that 62% of that money went to Hillary, 31% to Obama and 7% to Rudy really doesn't tell us much. $7400 could be the contributions of just a few individuals.

I want to know the crazies who live downtown and would give money to Rudy. I want to meet those people.

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