Monday, May 14, 2007

Parks, Parks, Parks

Last week I blogged about the construction project that was unveiled for the 5th and Hill neighborhood. The project is going to be a large, large construction project -- the tallest residential building west of Chicago.

I hear from some folks that they would like to get a deal. A deal to get some more stuff for the community.
Some are talking about trying to get the developers to spruce up Pershing Square. Well, maybe not spruce it up.

Pershing Square could be a beautiful spot. It would be great to get some of those disgusting structures out and get a better green space for folks to hang out. Let's start by taking out the ridiculous geometric shapes, and the unnecessary concrete.


Anonymous said...

I thought there was talk of it becoming a shopping center. No?

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Anonymous said...

Back when I went to DT, pershing square was a real park, with grass. They went with the concrete theme because it discouraged homeless people from going there and sleeping. They went from one kind of green space to another kind of gree(d)n space.