Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Celebrity Crime Sighting

Living in LA is always more interesting when you have a good old fashioned celebrity sighting. Today I was at the whole foods on 3rd when my co-worker pointed out Scott Speedman walking past us hurriedly with a grocery basket. She noted that he looked a little bedraggled/homeless. We were keeping an eye out for him as we stood in line, we watched him walk through the prepared food section, put on his sunglasses, grab a pomegranate juice, walk back out through the front door and put the basket back in the rack.

Wait, did he just walk out the door without paying for his juice?
We caught Speedman, speed-shoplifting.


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Anonymous said...

You would be out of your mind too if your ex, who happens to be the most adorable girl in the world, just got married and is given birth any minute. That's my explanation, and I'm sticken to it!