Monday, July 23, 2007

Green pizza?

We can all agree that downtown is changing sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Which brings me to a new culinary enterprise that looks a little scary, the Main St. Grille on the corner of 5th & Main is highlighted by a very large sign with a mustachioed man spinning a pizza - the best part is that the pizza changes colors, from green, to blue to purple and even pink. Egads... I hope I'm wrong but it's off to a bad start.

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Bert Green said...

Look closer. It's not a pizza. It's a plate with chicken, vegetables, and those pink turnip pickles that serve at Zankou. Behind that part of the sign is one of those lights that change colors, and rotate through the spectrum. There are 2 identical signs, one on Main, and one on 5th. The Main Street side has no light (it seems to be out) but the 5th Street side works as described above.

I heard that they will be opening soon, and serving Russian and/or Armenian food.