Sunday, June 3, 2007

Bad Samaritan Hospital

Two weeks ago I read in the Downtown News that the Good Samaritan Hospital on the West Side of Downtown was having a blessing of the bikes. While we should all support bike safety, and the Hospital should be commended for the publicity such events bring to bike accidents, I thought the readers of this blog should know that the Good Samaritan Hospital is a bad place.

I understand from friends that Good Samaritan has been engaged in an all out war with its employees for the past 4 years. I went over to the hospital when the Union that represents the workers brought Reverend Jesse Jackson into the Hospital to witness some of the anti worker and anti union activities of the Hospital. I heard workers talk about the CEO, Andrew Leeka, as an ego maniac. Supposedly he has his picture placed on the screen savers of the computers throughout the hospital. He must be insecure.

In my experiences, workers at Good Samaritan hate their jobs. Management is ruthless and the workers feel beaten down. The workers can also tell you some pretty outrageous stories about patient care problems inside the joint.

While going to a hospital is never a pleasant experience, I would recommend that readers go elsewhere. I know California Hospital in Downtown might not be the nicest place to go, especially given its proximity to Skid Row, but in my experience (I had to utilize the Urgent Care Center one time) I found the place to be fine and useful.

Great job Good Samaritan in your publicity around bike safety.

Shame on you for being such a bad employer.


Monica said...

Thank you for the insider info...I just moved to the Downtown Area and am trying to get hooked up with doctors, etc. Wanted to make sure I wasn't going to go to a place that sucked....appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

andy is an ego maniac! Always talks about himself and NEVER is interested in anything anyone has to say reagarding their own lives, problems, successes, etc.

I also heard it from his own mouth that he can't stand his employees!

Sad. He is so FAKE!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Leeka is a total fake. I heard it from his own mouth that the nurses there are a bunch of lazy Philipinos when he is married to one!

He is such a hypocrite and such an egotistical man!

Friend who was left behind!